Entrepreneurship Lessons from the Crossfit Games

I recently came across an article highlighting the similarities between crossfit and entrepreneurship. The Reebok CrossFit Games is the the world’s largest competition to find The Fittest on Earth. As a crossfit athlete, I can certainly see how our lives are relate-able to that of entrepreneurs. We work hard, train, prepare and deals with wins and losses.

Here are some lessons outlined in the article.

1. Long-term commitment is important for success.

In any fitness regimen, dedication is important if you expect to see results. You need to stick with the kind of program that will allows you to reach the goals that you set for yourself. Start-ups also require this type of discipline and dedication. Many entrepreneurs will experience ups and downs, but overnight success stories are few and far between.

2. Resources don’t determine outcomes.

You can have the best workout gear, supplements and equipment but without putting your body to work you will not see any outcomes. Putting on running sneakers will not tone your legs if you are not doing any actual running. The same can be said about funding for start-ups. Getting funded and finding investors does not get your company on the fast-track. It still requires diligent work and dedication to grow.

3. Be mindful of your competition and close.
During the CrossFit games, reigning champion Rich Froning was behind Jason Khalipa the entire weekend. On the very last day, he came from behind and won the last three events taking the title. He was mindful that his competition was slowing down and getting weaker, so he was able to push through and come out on top. Like Rich, you want to make sure that you don’t run out of resources and outlast your competitor. There is always someone that is trying to work harder than you so make sure that you are entering every situation with a positive and winning mentality.

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